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Jeremy Clarkson has a theory. He says that any self respecting car nut will own, or have owned, an Alfa-Romeo. He's right. Nothing else blends a punchy high revving engine, a beautifully balanced chassis and a classicly elegant style in quite the same way. The problem is that you can't really use an Alfa 105 hard on the public road without risking your licence, and this is why we see the growth of track day cars.

Whether you want to drive your Alfa on the road Monday to Friday, then take it out for a damn good spanking at the week-end (!) or you are a serious racer, you'll love chatting with us. We're all enthusiasts (The partners drive hot 156's) and love nothing more than spending our time reducing weight, adding power and bringing the brakes and suspension up to 21st century standards.

Best of all is the way you can surprise owners of other marques. It's lovely to use a 30 year old 1300 and beat all the hot hatches!

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